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$5 Responsive DIY Web Design for Small Business

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Do-it-yourself web design (DIY)

Included with all web hosting packages and reseller hosting packages, EasySiteWizard Pro features dynamic drag and drop functionality and ready-made, high quality templates. This user-friendly site builder lets you create a professional looking website in minutes – all on your own starting as low as $5.00 per month.

Responsive Web Site Design

Simply choose one of the professionally designed website templates and get started for as low as $5.00 per month.

  • Drag...Drop...Done!
  • Easily add your own text, images, headers, and links – and position them with pixel-perfect precision using the drag and drop editor.
  • Looking for the perfect complementing image? A quick search of our integrated library of thousands of royalty-free images is only a click away.
  • The built-in spell check ensures your site is error free, polished, and ready to go live.
  • The WYSIWYG design interface requires no HTML experience, so you can create your unique site all on your own.
  • Professionally designed templates help make your site look like the work of a high-end designer.
  • Don't want to do it yourself? See below and Contact us to do it for you!

Features and Benefits of DIY (Do-it-yourself)

  • Drag and Drop - Resize and move text boxes and images anywhere on the template.
  • Submenu Support - The robust navigation supports increased site content and an unlimited number of web pages.
  • Save and Publish - Easily save, preview and publish your work right from the tool bar.
  • Flexible Templates - The no-frame templates offer flexible design allowing you to resize and personalize images.
  • Spell Checker - Spell check functionality for all supported languages.
  • AJAX Technology - Offers maximized interaction, speed and usability.
  • Modern Interface - The editing interface has a simple layout that is user-friendly, clean, and functional.
  • Photo Objects Gallery- The gallery contains tens of thousands of unique images that can be utilized with EasySiteWizard Pro templates.
  • Image Editor - Customize images for use on your web site.

No time? We can do the design for you.  Tell us what your requirements are... Get Started.
Web Hosting Services
Personal Basic Web Package

Disk Space 1gig
Data Transfer 10gb
Email accounts 3
Free Hosting Setup
Web Hosting Services
Starter Web Package

Disk Space 2gig
Data Transfer 25gb
Email accounts 10
Free Hosting Setup
Web Hosting Services
Business Web Package

Disk Space 5gig
Data Transfer 50gb
Email accounts 25
Free Hosting Setup
Web Hosting Services
Enterprise Web Package

Disk Space 10gig
Data Transfer 100gb
Email accounts 50
Free Hosting Setup

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