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Why Choose Our Business Web Services?

Website Design
Choosing the best tool to build your online presence is complicated.

Open-source CMS and online website platforms: there are many different solutions at your disposal and it's easy to get confused. To help you select the best option, we've prepared a list of 7 good reasons for choosing a program like WebSite X5 for website building.

1. Simple management and fast-loading sites without plugins

Open source CMS, such as Wordpress, are free and easy to download but require many plugins, sometimes at a cost, in order to enhance the website's features. The use of many plugins, however, slows down the website and also means keeping them up-to-date and they sometimes create compatibility problems with your theme. The result? With open source CMS, site management is more complicated than you expected.

Our solution is ideal if you don't have much time to create and manage your online projects. It's a simple and complete program without having to rely on plugins. For this reason the sites we build are easy to manage, update and load fast. Just like users and search engines want.

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2.You save up to 30% in 2 years compared with subscription-based website builders

You can purchase the software we use so you pay once only and the software is yours for ever. As well, if you choose our software solution, you get a top-notch product with an additional saving. In 2 years you'll save more than 30% compared with the same subscription-based service of any other online platform.
3. Coding knowledge not required

Yes, thanks to its easy to follow procedure, we can really get your site online alone. Set up the project, choose a template, insert your pages, add contents and go online. In 5 steps you've got a professional site, without having us to write code.

We build your pages with the Drag & Drop visual system and you've got tons of exceptional features included that we can activate whenever you like. You can integrate an online store or open a blog even after you've gone live with your site. Maximum freedom. Maximum flexibility.
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4. The domain is all yours

With our included web hosting package you're certain of having a custom domain so that every user will remember your site and your brand. Avoid third-level domains, typical of major blogging platforms.

The domain registration procedure is absolutely free. If you already have a domain, you just need to provide us with the necessary information to FTP your site to your host.
5. Hundreds of Templates, and Thousands of Royalty-free pictures.

Many templates and themes for open source CMS are free but the best ones have to be bought. Each one has different features and, after having installed them, you often have to spend time learning how they work.

With our software we get up to 500 templates in 14 categories. We also get Free access to Pixabay, access to over 700,000 royalty free images.  And all at one price.
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6. Built for Windows

Website is built for Windows and that's why we are able to build your site on a PC with a high performance program. With the new features of the latest version of our software, a native 64-bit program. Now we can work with a more stable software and up to 50% faster.
7. Access to incredible offers

Choosing our software platform for your design means gaining access to web support and a user base of thousands of users, designers and other professionals that support the software. Photo touch-up programs, 3D animators and security tools for your PC can be added to your PC.  With our software platform you get much more than a website builder, you get a complete solution to grow your business with.
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